Issues Requiring Electrical Inspection in New Jersey

November 4, 2019

Your electrical system is an essential component of your home, and electrical issues need to be taken care of right away to maintain a safe living environment. A home electrical inspection from All Jersey Home Inspection can identify potential problems so you can get things fixed quickly.

Common Home Electrical Issues

Electrical issues are common, especially in older homes, but most problems are fairly easy to identify before they become a major hazard. Light switches that stop working, lights that dim or brighten unexpectedly, and outlets that spark when you plug or unplug appliances are some problems that you might notice when you have electrical issues.

Another issue that might occur in your home electrical system is mismatched circuits, wires, and outlets. For safe, efficient operation, the wires and outlets need to have the same amperage as the circuit. Loose circuit breakers can also pose a problem.

Older homes sometimes have old wiring that has worn down over time, and these could pose a danger to your home if they aren't replaced. If you're buying or renovating a home, you might want to include an electrical inspection as part of your whole-home inspection.

Signs You Need an Electrical Inspection

In some cases, your electrical problem might be hidden from view behind your walls or in your attic. There are some signs you can look for to determine whether there might be a problem, though. A circuit breaker that trips repeatedly is often an indicator of a hidden electrical issue. Unusually high electric bills may also signal a potential problem somewhere in the system.

Hot outlets aren't normal, so if your outlet feels hot to the touch when you unplug an appliance, you should have an electrical inspector check out the wiring leading to that plug. Discoloration spotted on an outlet cover or switch plate may also indicate issues with your electrical wiring.

Shocks can be a sign of poor grounding when touching metal devices in your home. Another major sign of an imminent problem is any burning smell, so if you notice this type of odor in your home, contact a professional as soon as possible.

Something you might not have considered that causes potential electrical problems is rodent activity in your attic or walls. Rodents can cause issues because they sometimes chew on wires and damage the protective coating. Once the wires are gnawed through, the exposed area could present a fire danger. If you've had rodents in your home, consider an electrical inspection to rule out any wire damage.

Preparing for Electrical Inspection and Repair

New construction and renovations often need an electrical inspection to ensure that everything is properly set up and grounded before use. Inspections for existing homes may involve looking for the source of a specific issue or checking the overall condition of your home wiring. Keep any paperwork that details prior electrical work on your home so that the inspector can check it for compliance with local regulations.

If your home electrical inspection finds issues, you may need to call in a professional electrician to complete repairs before turning your electricity back on or using certain outlets.

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