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Termite Inspection in South Plainfield

Termites are insects that eat cellulose-based materials. They are equipped with mouths that tear cellulose products as the insects consume them. Any home can be a target for termite infestation. Homeowners may even notice that furniture and books are also common targets. Here at All Jersey Home Inspection we can conduct a termite inspection to prevent any future damage.

Dangers and Signs of Termites

One of the main dangers of termites is the insidious damage they can wreak on a home. Termites usually exist in large numbers and they often lurk where you can't see them easily. This allows them to cause extensive and unseen damage to the structure of a home. When termites consume wood, they eat it from the inside out. Therefore, you won't know the pests are lurking until they finally eat their way out. Termites also tend to lurk in hidden areas of a home where homeowners might not look often.

Seeing termites in the home is a sign of an infestation. Closer scrutiny may uncover more pests lurking around window sills or near door frames.

Another indication of an infestation is finding mud tubes along the foundation of your house. These tubes are roadways for termites, and they use them to move from point to point without being exposed to the air. Mud tubes are about the size of a drinking straw, and they might be a straight or curved path.

Termite Inspection Process

Whether or not you see evidence of a problem, a termite inspection can be an important step for protecting your home. An inspector will begin the process by asking about the history of a house. The inspection will involve checking every area of the home to find evidence of infestation. A special tool will check surfaces to see if they are hollow. The inspector will also look for exit holes and debris left behind by termites. Then the inspector will assess the exterior of the home for signs of damage.

How to Prevent Termite Infestation

Maintaining your home is an important way to prevent termite infestation. Keep wood away from the foundation and sides of your house. Keep landscaping trimmed so does not touch your house. Always fix leaks in and around your house, because termites tend to be attracted to moist wood. Fix cracks to eliminate access points.

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