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Water Damage Inspection in South Plainfield

Water can wreak havoc on structures. While some damage can be obvious, moisture can also hide in other places. The danger of hidden moisture is that it can cause significant damage before you realize you have a problem. Water damage demands swift actions to prevent further damage no matter if it comes from a storm, flood, seepage, leaky roof, or a plumbing problem. All Jersey Home Inspection can assist with any of your water damage issues.

Dangers of Water Damage

When moisture enters your home, it causes damage to the surrounding areas. Wood will expand with moisture and begin to rot. If left unresolved, rotting wood will lead to weaknesses in the frame of your house.

Water Damage Inspection Process

A professional will inspect both the exterior and interior areas of a home when doing a water damage inspection. In an exterior inspection, the professional will examine the roof for leaks. Missing shingles and flashing around the chimney are common problem areas. Exterior walls and broken windows are another place where water damage can occur.

Inside the home, the professional will examine the attic to search for wet insulation, moisture on the ceiling, cracked joists, and issues with the ductwork. Drywall and ceilings will show evidence of leaks, as well as warped woodwork. Areas around plumbing will likely show hints of moisture such as cracked flooring or stained walls

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