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Sewer Scopes

What is a Sewer Scope Inspection?

A sewer scope is where you run a camera on the end of a cable all the way down the sewer lateral to the sewer main at the street. The Scope is a camera. (please see below for some of our videos). It's very important to do one because there is no way of otherwise knowing the condition of your sewer line until a problem arises. When buying a home, cost-wise, it's cheaper to be pro-active than risk the cost of being forced to be reactive. Sewer line damage is not just a concern to older homes, damage can occur to even new construction properties. It's smart to include a sewer scope inspection when buying a property.

Home Buyers Beware

Homeowners own the sewer line from the home to the sewer main at the street and they are responsible for defects that the lateral may have. Lateral issues are commonplace and there are a few issues to be concerned about, such as the type of material the lateral is made of.

Some materials are prone to defects. For example, Orangeburg pipe is made of compressed paper which is sealed with tar. This material becomes deformed overtime and allows the pipe to collapse. Cast iron pipe builds up with corrosion and the corrosion can lead to pitting and leaking. PVC and ABS can settle improperly, and a portion of the pipe can become disconnected. The most common issue is root intrusion.

Hair-like roots can grow through the smallest of crevices? and begin to grow in the nutrient rich sewer lateral. This leads to sewage back up and can crack the pipe. Unfortunately, small repairs can become very expensive when you are dealing with heavy equipment to excavate the area. The cost of a full lateral replacement can range from $10,000- 20,000.

Why get a Scope?

Issues are very common and costly. When serious issues are found, home buyers may request for the seller to pay for the repair and/or replacement needed. Often, multiple findings lead to full replacement of the lateral. The time to find major problems is before you buy. Every buyer should have a scope done.

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